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Our goal is to provide people throughout North Texas with streamlined access to the best possible care. But how exactly do we do that? By enabling physicians of all types, from independent and faculty to employed and university-affiliated, the opportunity to come together, govern and work within our high performing network. Because working together across disciplines allows us to focus on delivering high quality, more reliable care to the people that need it.

Alert to Providers Participating in Southwestern Health Resources Network Regarding United Healthcare Medicare Advantage (MA) Members

For questions or information regarding United Healthcare Medicare Advantage (MA) member eligibility/referrals and prior authorization, please call 855-359-9999.

Coming together for the best possible care.

Collaborations through the SWHR purpose-driven network mean exceptional primary care physicians working alongside outstanding specialists to achieve the best possible results for patients. Coordinating access to a full continuum of care no matter where someone lives or works in our community is at the core of our services and programs.


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Physician-Driven Healthcare Model

Our network includes physicians of all types - independent, faculty, employed and university-affiliated. We offer data and resources to support clinical innovations.

An Inclusive Structure

We focus on delivering high quality, more reliable care using a collaborative model. Our goal is to provide patients the best possible care in the most appropriate setting.

The Importance of the Patient-Provider Relationship

The most important relationship is the one between patients and their physicians. This is why current physicians will have greater access to research, clinical trials and specialty services for their patients.

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